The Mitato of Amorgos was founded in 2020 out of our love for the natural and cultural environment of Amorgos and the Cyclades in general.

Through our engagement with the paths and other manmade elements of the island, we have ascertained the need for action towards their protection and promotion.

The touristic development noted on Amorgos during the recent years consists of a blessing and a challenge at the same time. How can we learn from the past? How can we shape a high quality touristic product? How can inhabitants and visitors alike be informed on the sensitive balances within the island complex? How can the natural and cultural wealth be promoted?

Through our projects, we want to raise awareness within the local society in regards to environmental issues, to help the youth get in touch with traditional crafts, such as dry stone building, to transfer the knowledge from one generation to the next but also to combine it with modern techniques and methods.

This is exactly the field of activity of the Mitato of Amorgos: the conservation but also the evolution of the complex of nature and man, a complex well worth taking care of.