April is a month of education, networking and exchange of knowledge and experience!

We are very proud and happy that The Mitato of Amorgos has been selected among the 44 environmental organizations to participate in the Empowerment Program of the Social Dynamo initiative of Bodossaki Foundation. The program aims at supporting the foundation and later stages of non-profit organization of participating bodies and at maximizing their social impact.

Specifically, all Civil Society organizations included in the Empowerment Program of Social Dynamo are entitled to support on the following axes, free of charge, in order to upgrade their function:

  • Training, through participation in a wide range of seminars and workshops, adapted to the needs and priorities of participating groups and organizations.
  • Professional support, adapted to each 6-month program, which can include consulting from specialized professionals, as well as the possibility of mentoring and personalized coaching to members of organizations/groups that meet certain criteria, from the Solidarity Coaching program of the Hellenic Coaching Association.
  • Networking opportunities, through participation in special events.

The series of Social Dynamo webinars started on 25 February 2021, with the thematic cycle of waste management and circular economy. Since then, the webinars that have been realized focused on the general setting up, development and cooperation between organizations, while particularly during the month of April, management issues are being addressed. The program will be completed in September 2021.

During the weeks that The Mitato of Amorgos is taking part in the program, we have happily realized that a warm, welcoming and participating environment has been developed among participants. Solidarity and cooperation are concepts that must be incorporated into the actual, demanding reality. At the same time, the development of networks and synergies is the key to achieving the common and specific goals of citizens’ groups.

The Empowerment Program for environmental organizations is realized with the support of Cyclades Preservation Fund and Ionian Environment Foundation.
The Municipality of Athens and the Municipality of Thessaloniki are strategic partners of the initiative..


Cancellation of the 3rd Dry Stone Workshop “The Amorgian Craftsmanship”

The Mitato of Amorgos greatly regrets to announce the cancellation of the 3rd Dry Stone Workshop “The Amorgian Craftsmanship” which was due to be held on the island of Amorgos from 16 to 20 October 2023.
Unfortunately, despite our timely actions, we had to face a new situation from part of the local community at the last minute, and therefore any readjustment of the organization of the event was impossible...

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3ο Εργαστήριο Ξερολιθιάς «Η Αμοργιανή Μαστοριά» 16 – 20 Οκτωβρίου 2023

The Mitato of Amorgos is pleased to announce the 3rd Dry Stone Workshop “The Amorgian Craftsmanship”, taking place from 16 to 20 October 2023.
The project is the continuation of the 1st and 2nd Dry Stone Workshops “The Amorgian Craftsmanship” which were successfully realised in October 2021 and 2022 respectively, under the auspices of the Municipality of Amorgos and financed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports...

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Participation in conference dedicated to the rural monuments of Tinos island (22-23 April 2023)

It was with great pleasure that we accepted the invitation of the newly formed association “Ambassada” in Tinos and we travelled to the “handmade island”, as Cornelius Castoriades has called it, on 22 and 23 April 2023, on the occasion of the conference “Rural Monuments of Tinos: humble buildings, jewels of the landscape”. The association “Ambassada” aims at raising awareness among the residents and visitors of Tinos island towards ...

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