Continuing our path clearing works, the Mitato of Amorgos completed clearing of marked path 8 of the cultural route network of Amorgos, on Sunday 20 December 2020.

The largest part of the route between Richti and Lelis had been cleared in summer 2020 by the volunteer team of EPOS Fylis, who had been invited by the Region of South Aegean and supported by the Municipality of Amorgos. However, there were approximately 200 meters left without clearing, towards the end of the section before the earth road of Lelis. The Mitato of Amorgos decided to complete the work, as the specific route offers an exceptional experience to hikers, passing through densely vegetated ravines with breathtaking views to the north.

Our call had an impressive response and many volunteers joined us, providing us with extra tools and of course their work. In accordance to the Covid-19 pandemic imperatives and following all protective measures necessary, the volunteers were divided into smaller groups who worked keeping distances between them, while masks and gloves were used as always.

In a tragic coincidence, a few days following the clearing, we were informed of the passing of Markos Gavras, the man behind the creation of the specific route, a tireless guardian of Amorgian tradition. From now on, marked path 8 will be named after him and we are sure he would be genuinely grateful to all the people who worked on that day. We are certainly grateful too and thank them with all heart.


Events and projects of autumn 2023

The autumn season of 2023 has been a period during which several events regarding the intangible heritage, the environment and sustainability have taken place in various parts of Greece. The Cyclades, experiencing unprecedented pressure and limited resources, have no doubt been in the centre of such developments. It was therefore unsurprising that several important events took place in the area, such as the Workshop on the Endangered Landscape of Sifnos Island...

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